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NFDA Attendees ?Paw? Their Way Into Pet Loss Presentation

October 21, 2010

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NFDA Attendees ?Paw? Their Way Into Pet Loss Presentation

Wow! The NFDA 2010 convention in New Orleans this past week was an incredible event! From the attendance to the accommodations ? there sure was excitement in the air.

Mid-week, attendees filled the room to hear about one of the hottest topics in the death industry ? pet death care services. While I?ve been speaking on this topic for 5 years, the room was still packed with those interested in hearing about these services. When I asked the attendees how many of them were already in the business of serving pets, very few hands were raised. When I inquired as to how many are anticipating adding these services to their existing human death care business, numerous hands went into the air.

The session was lively ? it was challenging to the listener ? and it was intriguing! The biggest challenge was in the ?view? of the business model. As a pet loss business owner, I challenged the group to look at the creation of their pet loss business in a different way than what they are seeing in the market ? DO NOT follow what they are seeing with 95% of the other pet loss businesses out there. The bottom line – a pet loss business DOES NOT have to rely on the veterinary industry as their sole lead source.

My permission to the group ? do your pet loss business in the way that you handle your human loss business. Create the same type of experience for the pet parent family that you create for a human family as they honor their loss.

I?m going to say it again ? don?t follow when you create your pet loss business. Be a leader. After all, it truly is what your pet parent families want ? and deserve.