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IKEA Offering Caskets Too, and a DIY Guide?

June 22, 2010

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IKEA Offering Caskets Too, and a DIY Guide?

imageWe can now add IKEA to the list of online casket retailers right along side online retail giants Walmart and Amazon. IKEA is taking it a step further though; if you don’t want to buy your casket online or in their store you can just purchase the Do-It-Yourself guide and build your own!! Read below for the full store and picture.

It was only a matter of time before IKEA ventured into coffins. Artist Joe Scanlan has created simple coffins for $15,000?or a book for $27.50 that tells you how to make your own coffin from IKEA parts for less than $400.

Joe Scanlan?s artist statement advocates staging death in times of personal turmoil or rebirth like changing careers.

Whether natural selection, death with dignity, or suicide, intimations of death have gotten artists through many a hard night. Staging death is also an effective way to express a wish, foment resistance, or change careers. You can enjoy the same piece of mind by investing in your eventual demise.

Here at Things That Fall we offer three different burial options. Custom is an elegant and unique vessel crafted in Australia entirely from Tasmanian Blackwood and shipped to you.