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52 Fascinating Funeral Innovations

June 15, 2010

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52 Fascinating Funeral Innovations

imageFrom iPhone-Inspired Coffins to Burger Boxes as Caskets – we have saw many different and wacky funeral industry products. Thankfully has compiled a list (with pictures) of 52 of the craziest ones.

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Societies obsession with death is undeniable. This cluster of funeral innovations shows that fear is not always at the forefront of our death-related thoughts. The perfect casket or funeral theme can be a great way to express your zest for life.

These funeral innovations feature all kinds of ways to celebrate death. From iPhone-inspired coffins to burger boxes as caskets, I hope you enjoy scoping them all out.

#1 Motorcycle-Riding Corpses: The Wake of David Morales Colon is a Two-Wheeled Oddity (VIDEO)

#2 Gadget Inspired Coffins: Apple iPhone & Microsoft Caskets

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