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SCI Funeral Director Charged with Corpse Abuse, Case Dismissed

May 11, 2010

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SCI Funeral Director Charged with Corpse Abuse, Case Dismissed

imageBack in October of 2009 I posted a new article about SCI funeral director James Patton. Mr. Patton was charged with corpse abuse. This incident was just one of many in what proved to be a bad year for SCI.

I was contacted by mister Patton last week. In an email received from mister Patton he writes:

I realize the story reached the media in a pretty wide-spread wave. Unfortunately, some of the allegations have always been in dispute. At any rate, as of May 4, the case was officially dismissed. As my attorney pointed out, the media is there when there are allegations – but never in sight when cases are dismissed.

I told mister Patton that I respected him for contacting me and not being angry with for making the story openly public to the funeral industry. I also told Patton that I would not be able to post anything about the case being dismissed without something official from the court, since the case has not been covered by any other news source.

I received the following court document from mister Patton that states dismissal of the case due to “insufficient evidence”.

To view the document Click Here

The SCI Corpse Abuse case is dismissed.