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Don’t Let Your Competitor “One Up” You

August 24, 2009

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Don’t Let Your Competitor “One Up” You

imageIt is not a fad, it is not a trend, it is the way our society has learned to function. It is the way people find information about things they don?t know a lot about. It is the Internet, and people use websites to find information out about businesses. Last time I wrote about getting your website up to par, now once that is done what is next?

Put your web address on everything. Put it on your business cards, stationary, checks return address labels, all advertising, and MOST OF ALL put in at the end of ALL THE OBITUARIES you submit to the newspapers. Don?t let your competitor ?ONE UP? you and do if first. If they are already doing it, then you need to do it and do it better. Put your logo below the obit with your web address below it.

Why is this important? You just spend valuable dollars getting your website perfect, now you need people to traffic it. What is better than using an obit that the whole community reads, and it is free?

If you are already doing this then keep it up. If you are not, then you need to seriously considerate it. The more you get your firms name in front of potential customers, the better chance you have of being the first firm they think of in a tie of need.