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Funeral Home Gambles Business on Facebook!

March 26, 2010

Funeral Home Gambles Business on Facebook!

imageFacebook has now become the most visited website in the USA. Facebook gets more hits than Google!! So why not use Facebook to leverage your business?

At the recent ICCFA convention, many of the keynote presenters talk about the importance of funeral homes having a presents on the social networking site, through a personal page as well as a fan page for the funeral home.

I am “friends” with many different funeral homes on Facebook and yesterday I saw a “Event” posted by one of the funeral homes I am friends with.

When I saw what the event was, I thought the idea was brilliant.

Monreal Funeral Home in Cleveland, Ohio had the following event posted on their Facebook page:

Awesome!! What a great way to connect with your community. Think about a 2-3 hour chartered bus ride full of potential customers. You get to interact with these customers like you are best friends, and build relationships that will help grow your business.

A trip to a near by Casino? Great idea, retired seniors love to gamble.

At the time I was posting this article, Monreal Funeral Home already had 9 confirmed RSVP’s for the trip.

Kudos to Monreal Funeral Home for being innovative and thinking outside the box.

If your funeral home is on Facebook what kind of things are you doing to engage interaction with your “friends” or followers?

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