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Insider Stock Buying at Hillenbrand and SCI

March 5, 2010

Insider Stock Buying at Hillenbrand and SCI

imageKnowing what company executives and board members are doing regarding the purchase of company stock can be a great indicator of the company’s prospects and when you should buy the companies stock.

One “investor tip” says this:

Obviously, corporate executives have a big advantage over the average investor. They’re often the first to find out about new business opportunities or problems within their organizations. They have access to financial results and other information that can result in big moves in the price of their company’s stock when it’s released.

The stock trading of company executives and board members of SCI and Hillenbrand are very interesting. SCI has much more insider trading activity then Hillenbrand. This seems to be right inline with the reported plummeting caskets sales of Batesville (Hillenbrand is parenting company).

Click below to view the executive (Insdier) transactions report from the past 2 years for each company.

Hillenbrand (HI)

Service Corp International (SCI)

Source: Yahoo Finance