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Impress Female Web Shoppers, The Secret to Winning More Calls?

March 3, 2010

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Impress Female Web Shoppers, The Secret to Winning More Calls?

I was emailed an article yesterday by FuneralNet. The article was titled “How To Win More Calls From Web Site Shoppers”. Being interested, I opened the email like I am sure most of those who received it did. Upon opening the email FuneralNet hit me right away with the secret to winning more calls…Impress the female web shoppers…

The article starts off with 3 statistics that support their secret to winning more calls:

– 65% – 75% of people shopping for Deathcare services are women.

– Most Deathcare Websites, selected and purchased by men, fail to impress women.

– Making the ‘right’ first impression online increases the number of ‘impressed’ shoppers that call you before calling your competitors, improving your chances to win more business.

There is no doubt in my mind that these statistics are accurate. But what I don’t fully agree with is what they describe as the type of website your funeral home should have if you want to get the first call from these female web shoppers.

Here is a snippet from the article:

Women are much more relationship-oriented than men. That is why your online identity, and how well it connects with female shoppers, is intrinsic to their interest in your assistance ? particularly during such an emotional time as that of a loss. Does your Web site project the type of personality and character your target-shopper is looking for?

To be more specific, what does your landing page look like? Usability research shows that a user’s first impression of a Web site is created in less than a second. It has everything to do with colors, layout and the visual “feel” of the site, not the text on the page. Research also shows that the feeling generated within the viewer during that first second will often color the lens through which they view the Web site and the business for the remainder of their online visit.

Is the impression your Web site makes one that suggests professionalism, capability and comforting, human warmth? Or, do you offer a dull or archaic-looking online personality due to an out-of-date Web site? Do the colors and pictures around the text instantly communicate the presence of sincere, caring professionals who understand not just the paperwork, but also the type of support that eases the emotional burden surrounding Deathcare? Or, does your Web site look pretty similar to your competitors sites?

I agree with most of what is described in this snippet. Women are more relationship oriented than men, they are impressed with beautiful colors and are impulse shoppers based off emotion.

The next paragraph is the one that in my opinion takes this article in the wrong direction:

This goes beyond the words on your Web pages. How does your site feel to a woman looking for a “friend” to help her? The influence of her feelings on her choice can’t be underestimated.

The appearance of your website is extremely important, but just like any other website we visit, CONTENT IS KING! The words are on the page are VERY VERY important. Your content should include words, pictures and video, but above all your content should display what is possible with a funeral service and help add value to the funeral service.

If you are tailoring your site to appeal more to the female shopper then it should show content that would entice the female shopper. What does every women do with outfits they buy? They accessorize, purse, jewelry, shoes, from head to toe. Why would a funeral service be any different? Your content should open the mind of the shopper (in this case a women), to what is possible with the funeral service, the service can be as unique as the life lived. Show what personalization options you have, show the different things that are possible at the graveside. OPEN THERE MIND, MAKE THEM SEE THE VALUE IN THE FUNERAL SERVICE!

The colors and aesthetics of your website might get them to start reading your content, but if your content doesn’t excite them or open their mind to how amazing the funeral service for their loved one could be, then they are moving on to your competitors site regardless of how “pretty” your site is.

I think that FuneralNet got a small portion of the secret right, but a “pretty” site alone is not going to win you any calls.

The secret to winning more call from online shopper is: Killer content that opens their mind to what is possible with the funeral service, and helps them realize that there really is value in the funeral service.That will win you more calls.

You may read the full article from FuneralNet here: