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Funeral Industry – Is Your Pre-Need Person Well Prepared?

February 11, 2010
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Funeral Industry – Is Your Pre-Need Person Well Prepared?

image Many times, in the funeral homes I deal with, the pre-need sales person is totally unprepared. They themselves sometimes don?t even know it. They go into a clients home and they think they are making arrangements and showing the family everything the firm has to offer. When in all truth the material they have is from years ago.

Is it important that your pre-need sales person have all the latest marketing material? Is it going to make a difference with the family they are meeting with? I mean, the family doesn?t know what other products the funeral home offers or if the sales person is using marketing material that is horrendously out dated. If you have that kind of attitude then you need to re-think the importance of your pre-need position.

What is it that your pre-need sales person was hired to do? They were hired to pre-arrange funeral services for people who are still living. Those pre-need sales, in most cases, give your firm guaranteed business for the coming years. So why would you not want them to have the best material possible to take into the field with them?

What material am I talking about? The most up to date casket guide, the most up to date burial vault material, and any other marketing material your firm has received from the casket/vault sales people that call on you. If you haven?t received any new marketing material, ask for some and get it in the hands of your directors and pre-need sales people. If you provide your pre-need sales people with a laptop, make sure they are using it. Ask your casket/vault sales people to make you a slideshow of all the product they have put in your funeral home. Your pre-need person can load this onto the laptop and away they go.

I encourage you to seriously look at what your pre-need sales person is working with and get them more prepared and stocked with all the current info they need to help expand and grow your business. The business they get today, is the business that will keep your firm around for another generation.