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AWFD Posts New Free Resource

February 4, 2010

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AWFD Posts New Free Resource

imageAll visitors to the Web site of the Association of Women Funeral Directors are invited to download free resources.

Just today, Kim Stacey let me know that she’s posted a new article, orginally published by the Society of American Florists.

Entitled, “In Lieu of Complaining,” it explores the relationship between florists and funeral directors – and offers readers a number of valuable

insights to build co-operative relations between funeral homes and their local florists. “Our goal should always be to best serve client families, and

bringing flowers into the memorial or funeral service setting,” said Kim, “soothes emotions, comforts, and helps to create a loving,

beautiful environment for the living. It’s my intention to foster strong florist/funeral home connections, and to bring flowers back into the foreground

of the funeral landscape.”

This article is available to members of the Society of American Florists, but AWFD has been given special permission to make it possible for

their site visitors to download a copy. “Their intention mirrors my own,” shared Kim, “and this is one small way they can express that.”

Go to, and click on “Free Resources in the top navigation bar. “And while you’re there, get your copy of our free

“special report: Outrageous Solutions for Two Problems You Face Every Day,” advises Kim.

The sign-up box is prominently displayed

on the home page!”