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January’s AWFD Tele-Event with Cookie Tuminello

January 18, 2010

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January’s AWFD Tele-Event with Cookie Tuminello

image On January 21st, 2010, Kim Stacey, the Executive Director of the Association of Women Funeral Directors will be interviewing Cookie Tuminello, the CEO of Success Source, LLC.

“Cookie is the ?go to? coach for women who want to unleash their potential, attain big goals, and create fulfilling lives,” so I consider her to be the best possible guest for our

first tele-event of 2010,” shared Kim.

“As a leadership and team-building coach, Cookie takes her clients from ?good? to ?great? without the struggle and stress of doing it on their own. She is a contributing author

in the bestselling book ?Power & Soul,? as well as a column writer for FACE Magazine of Lafayette and the Lafayette Business Journal, and a frequent guest on several TV and

National radio shows.

“Cookie is truly one of the wittiest women I know; her energy, and her sense-of-humor will keep us all riveted to the Q & A discussion, which will focus on giving voice, vision,

and clarity to your dreams,” said Kim. “And it just doesn’t get better than that!” The event will be held at noon, Eastern Time, on Thursday, January 21st.

The tele-event is open to all members of the AWFD, as well as subscribers to the monthly newsletter, AWFDConnections. “I’d like there to be a warm welcome for this amazing

guest; we’re privileged to have her join us. If you’re interested in attending, subscribe to the newsletter by sending an email to [email protected].”

If they’re unable to attend the live event, dues-paying members will be able to download the audio from their member resources page. “That alone is an excellent reason to

join the AWFD. You’ll also have access to all past tele-event audios, as well as a wealth of other resources available only to members,” said Kim. To join the AWFD, go to

To find out more about Cookie and her programs, visit her website

To learn more about the AWFD, visit [email protected].