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5 Most Haunted Cemeteries In New England

January 15, 2010

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5 Most Haunted Cemeteries In New England

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5 Most Haunted Cemeteries In New England

New England has some of the oldest and creepiest cemeteries in the country. Many of them are reportedly haunted. Listed here are some New England cemeteries with the most stories and legends of eerie ghostly occurrences.

1. Gilson Road Cemetery, Nashua, NH

Like most cemeteries in New England, this tiny graveyard is very old, with gravestones dating back to the early 1800?s. Its past is steeped in mystery as very few records exist on the history of the site or those buried there. Local legend tells of many tragedies dating back hundreds of years, well before the land became a graveyard; It was supposedly the site of several bloody skirmishes between local Native American tribes and early settlers, and later, when the Gilson house stood there, was the scene of a horrific fire and/or murder – suicide. Visitors have reported experiencing a wide variety of paranormal activity; Flashes of light, orbs, strange figures that disappear, glowing eyes that watch from the edge of the woods, strange voices and sounds, feelings of being watched or followed and the odd sensation of wading through water while inside the cemetery. Multiple EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon) have been recorded. Photos and video reliably capture all manner of orbs, streaks of colored light and strange mists.

2. Spider Gates Cemetery, Leicester, MA

This cemetery, located in western Massachusetts, is officially known as Friends Cemetery, and is still owned and run by a local Quaker group. ?Spider Gates? was the name given to the cemetery by locals and thrill-seekers because of the creepy, spider-like pattern on the wrought-iron main gate that leads into the cemetery. There is also said to be 8 total gates surrounding the site, which may have also contributed to its name, but in reality, there is only one gate. Legend has it that Spider Gates contains a direct portal to hell, and some will even describe it as ?The 8th gate to hell?. Visitors have reported strange noises, full-body apparitions and sensations of being touched or brushed against. There are also stories of a smaller cemetery attached to the main one that can only be found once.

3. Vale End Cemetery, Wilton, NH

This cemetery is home to the ghost of Mary Ritter, also known as the ?Blue Lady?. She appears quite regularly as a column of blue light-energy, particularly on foggy, misty fall nights. Mary isn?t the only ghost at Vale End, however. In fact, several other ghosts have been seen there, from Native Americans and revolutionary war soldiers to little boys and colonial-era residents. The most terrifying inhabitant at Vale End isn?t a ghost at all; Something mean, red and growling resides there, and has been known on occasion to chase people out with vicious intent. Some call it a demon, the old-timers call it a pukwudgie, but whatever it is, it is not friendly and it is not human (and probably never was human). Some visitors to Vale End vow to never return, as the sense of malevolence there is often overwhelming. Others have had a more benign experience. Visit at your own risk.

4. Blood Cemetery, Hollis, NH

This cemetery is actually called ?Pine Hill Cemetery?, but locals started calling it Blood Cemetery because the ghost of one of its occupants, Abel Blood, is said to be seen wandering here. There are many reports of strange happenings in the cemetery; Several people have seen an eerie fog that seems to settle only on the cemetery itself and none of the surrounding areas, while others have seen dark figures and heard weird church organ music. Other odd experiences: trees that seem to move without any wind, sensations of an angry presence and many orbs appearing in pictures.

5. Howard St. Cemetery, Salem, MA

Located in the heart of Salem, Massachusetts, the center of the 1692 witch hysteria, Howard St. cemetery contains the bodies of many early settlers and one notorious citizen, a man by the name of Giles Corey. Giles Corey was the only person accused of witchcraft that was crushed to death. Rocks were piled onto his chest in an attempt to make him confess to being a witch. With every denial, more rocks were added. Giles never admitted to being a witch, and with his last breath put a curse on the town. His ghost is said to haunt this cemetery, and some have claimed to feel his icy touch while walking through it.