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Kates-Boylston Publications Teams Up With Daniel M. Isard To Offer ?The Complete Preneed Perspective?

January 7, 2010

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Kates-Boylston Publications Teams Up With Daniel M. Isard To Offer ?The Complete Preneed Perspective?

image?The Complete Preneed Perspective,? one of the most detailed books ever written about the preneed industry, is now available for sale through

With the help of some of the top thinkers in the profession, Daniel M. Isard dissects every aspect of preneed. Due to unprecedented demand, Isard chose to partner with Kates-Boylston Publications to introduce the just-published book to a wider audience.

?As president of The Foresight Companies in Phoenix, Dan is considered one of the top consultants to the funeral profession,? said Thomas A. Parmalee, executive editor of Kates-Boylston Publications. ?We strongly encourage all our customers to learn as much about preneed as they can, and Dan and his stable of experts certainly bring valuable perspectives to the table.?

The book includes contributions from:

? Steve Lang, vice president of marketing for Homesteaders Life Co.

? Curtis Rostad, executive director of the Indiana Funeral Directors Association.

? John Kamm, majority owner of All Nations Society Co., Ltd., Japan?s first foreign-owned funeral company.

? Quinn Eagan, founder of Preneed Funeral Program.

? Glenn Gould with MKJ Marketing.

? Coleen Murphy Klein, NFDA director of professional development

? Dr. Ralph Klicker, founder and president of the Thanos Institute

? And several others!

Visit to learn more about the book and to buy it online. The 545-page book costs $250 and can also be ordered by calling Kates-Boylston?s customer service line at 800-500-4585.