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Confirmed: Batesville Purchased Burial Vault Portion of Goria Corporation

December 29, 2009

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Confirmed: Batesville Purchased Burial Vault Portion of Goria Corporation

image Following up from yesterdays article – “Did Batesville Purchase A Burial Vault Company?“, I have been able to make contact with a representative from the Batesville/Hillenbrand communications department.

Both calls placed yesterday to Batesville and Goria Corporation were not returned. This morning I called Batesville again and was able to speak with a lady from their communications department. Many of the questions I asked were not able to be answered by the lady I spoke with she refereed me to her supervisor (who I left a message with). But she was able to answer one question – “Did Batesville purchase the burial vault portion of Goria Corporation?”

It was enforced to me that Batesville did not purchase Goria Corporation, but did purchase “Intellectual Property for the Vault portion of Goria Corporation”.

Again, I asked other questions about the purchase that were not allowed to be answered by the representative.

I am hoping to receive a call back from someone at Batesville who can provide answers and details surrounding the purchase.

I am also awaiting a letter being send to me from a funeral director in Oklahoma, the letter is from Goria Corporation CEO/President, Pierre Goria, announcing the Batesville purchase.

As soon as I have the letter I will post it.

I guess the question of the day is: What effect will this purchase have in the funeral industry?