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Funeral Industry: Seeds Are Small, But Seeds Are Powerful

August 21, 2009

Funeral Industry: Seeds Are Small, But Seeds Are Powerful

Each of us contains seeds of greatness but what we do with them is entirely up to us. Each one of us has the potential to change lives and most of us do just that every time we are called to assist a family in need.

We have the opportunity to demonstrate to others and to ourselves the ways in which we stand apart. We become the strong and confident ones in the face of life’s adversities and we show the world our sense of understanding, compassion and responsibility. We point others into the future with the ability to do the right thing without instruction. We point out potential warning signs and offer tools to counteract the situation.

How do we do these things? Nothing will ever be accomplished if we sit on our collective butts, pontificating. Nothing is ever accomplished by regurgitating information from a self-help book. We must get to know the families we deal with. In the arrangement room our first question can?t be ? ?Can you please give me your father?s full name? ? it should be ? ?Tell me about your father? ? I know that time is often of the essence, but that few minutes spent listening allows us to be of more assistance than we can ever imagine. Each person on this earth has a story and within that story lays precious gifts just waiting to be unwrapped.

Your story is no different. The seeds of greatness lying within the context of who you are may be dormant ? just waiting to be activated ? but through sharing, you can fulfill yourself and others. Individual funeral directors have individual styles and there is no ?right? way to be the ?best you can be?. You don’t have to be like everyone else. You just have to be you. If you are aware of, and acknowledge your gifts, talents and abilities you will be the happiest, most self-aware funeral professional in your town and people will recognize that. They will want to come to you because of what they see.

Nurture the seeds of greatness within yourself and remember that the secret to success lies within the power of relationships. Consider those who have helped along the way as coaches. Often they are the ones who have helped you realize that the very thing you resist is the very thing designed to get you where you need to go. They may help identify your small gifts ? still in seed form ? so that other gifts ultimately emerge and catapult you to greatness beyond your wildest dreams.

Funeral professionals are strong people. The seeds we sow are small, but the seeds we sow are powerful.