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Funeral Industry: Doodle Your Way Into Creativity

August 21, 2009

Funeral Industry: Doodle Your Way Into Creativity

Ever sit in the lunch room with an idea that just won?t take shape? Many years ago I discovered a way of exploring the potential of my creativeness. I started scribbling picture-notes to myself. That developed into doodling ? shapes and lines around the words. Have you ever thought of something (an idea) that would help you solve a problem, only to forget it later? I find that doodling helps me remember.

Imagine you are in charge of planning the staff party. Different ideas come to you as you watch TV or walk through the mall, but when the day comes to put the plan into action, you just don?t remember the gems you thought of earlier when there was no pressure. When you have a doodle pad around you help yourself remember the ideas as you have them. You might surprise yourself with the number of ideas you actually come up with when you keep track of them.

Doodle time is anytime. Set aside a pad of paper by the phone or on your desk. Doodle while hanging out, watching TV, waiting for a download, listening to music, before bed, when you can’t sleep ? just doodle! You’ll discover that an idea may come to you when you are eating breakfast, taking a shower, or taking the bus to work. Figure out a way to get your ideas down. I knew a person that carried a small pad of sticky notes and a pen around and jotted down ideas at all times of the day.

We have all doodled, but probably called it drawing, sketching, or scribbling. It is a good way to develop creative skills and just exercise your mind in a creative way. You may find that you need to give your mind a break from the many things you have to think about, so treat yourself to a little relaxing doodle time. Have some simple fun with paper and a pencil.

There is no right, wrong, good, or bad doodling. Everyone will have their own doodle style – covering a small or large area with light, dark, thick, thin lines, etc. Don’t judge or have them judged, but take some time and interpret your doodles to see what you can find in them. Haven?t we all looked up to the clouds and identified familiar shapes? Do the same with your doodles. You will find the ?soul? of your doodle if you try. Don’t be afraid to turn your page upside-down or from side-to-side.

Help yourself by helping yourself. Your workmates may take awhile to warm up to your new pastime but your doodles may be the key that unlocks the door ? look for the answers to the problems you need to solve. Risk a little and win a lot. It can be just that easy.