Funeral Home Resource's Funeral Quote Sites Expand Funeral Homes' Reach

October 1, 2012

Austin, Texas–September 29, 2012– Funeral Home Resource continues to expand its Funeral Quote websites, launching Quote sites for major city markets in the United States. With each city quote site, Funeral Home Resource matches funeral shoppers with quality funeral homes and cremation providers in their area, allowing shoppers to immediately receive funeral service information and quotes for funeral prices or cremation costs.


Funeral Home Resources first quote site to launch, Philadelphia Funeral Quote illustrates the ease-of-use of a funeral and cremation quote site. Simply by submitting contact information, visitors receive up to three funeral quotes from local funeral homes or crematories. Reputable, established funeral homes partner with Funeral Home Resource to provide timely information on funeral and cremation costs.

Even those who have just experienced a death in the family, needing to prepare immediately for a funeral, get an immediate response and funeral quote. With Funeral Home Resources’ Funeral Quote system, visitors obtain detailed quotes from the comfort of their own homes, particularly useful for those who are grieving or those with limited mobility.


Ron Browning, CEO and President of Funeral Home Resource, says, “With the successful launch of our Philadelphia Funeral Quote site and other funeral quote sites, we are realizing the real potential of making these connections. Funeral Home Resource is expanding the quote site aggressively across the United States, and is targeting our new hometown, Austin, Texas, where we will be generating funeral leads in November.”


Funeral homes have the advantage of concentrating their time and effort on callers who have been contacted by our professionally trained personnel to verify both their identity and interest in funeral or cremation services. This background work has allowed some initial participants to close more than 20% of the leads they are sent. As Funeral Home Resource expands this family of sites, it is accepting new funeral home and crematory partners in new markets.


About Funeral Home Resource


Funeral Home Resource, the outsourced online marketing department for funeral homes, grows market share for funeral homes through on-line marketing to families in need of funeral home and cremation services. Funeral Home Resource develops industry-leading websites at and operates, the premier on-line directory of funeral homes. FHR is trusted by the most established, most respected names in the funeral industry, handling all their online marketing efforts and overseeing the creation, capture, delivery, and conversion of thousands of online inquiries for them each month. Funeral Home Resource specializes in no-risk performance marketing arrangements.


Contact:Ron Browning, CEO and President
Phone:866.468.7968 x801
Address:7000 N. Mopac
Suite 200
Austin, TX 78731

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