Funeral Service Insider Publishes 2011 Compilation

August 27, 2012

WALL, N.J. – Funeral Service Insider recently published its 2011 compilation, which provides statistics, news analysis and proven solutions to overcome business challenges.


The massive reference book – bursting with information at more than 350 pages long – includes every single issue that Funeral Service Insider published in 2011.

“Many Funeral Service Insider subscribers have asked for this book because it’s hard to keep the issues in one place,” said Thomas A. Parmalee, editor of Funeral Service Insider. “We often hear from subscribers who complain that their staff members walk away with issues and never give them back – the newsletter is that popular. With this compilation, all the insights and guidance from 2011 is in one place.”


Parmalee noted that anyone is free to buy the 2011 Compilation of Funeral Service Insider – not just subscribers. “This is a tremendous value,” he said. “Our subscribers already know how important the newsletter is, and we’re happy to offer our 2011 library to a larger audience who may not know what being an ‘Insider’ is all about.”


Homesteaders Life Co. in Des Moines, Iowa, is the exclusive sponsor of the book, which costs just

$195. You can order it online by visiting or place your order by calling 800-500-4585, Option 1.

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