ValMark Memorial Group Launches The Veterans Cremation Society

August 24, 2012
Sanibel Island, FL: ValMark Memorial Group, the funeral industry’s largest public relations & marketing organization announced today the launch of their latest powerhouse brand: The Veterans Cremation Society,
About VCS: Cremation is rapidly becoming the preferred choice over traditional funerals for many people. The Veterans Cremation Society is the nation’s most trusted resource for obtaining value added, simpler cremation arrangements for veterans and their families. Today, millions of veterans throughout the U.S. and their families have access to the comprehensive benefits and planning services of the Veterans Cremation Society and the nearly 1000 Veterans Cremation Society-Benefit Provider funeral homes nationwide.
Membership is open to those currently serving as well as those who have honorably served in the U.S. military as well as their spouses, parents and adult children.
Your instructions are placed on file at the Veterans Cremation Society–Benefit Provider nearest you. VCS Benefit Providers pledge to honor the dignity of the deceased, respect the wishes of the families they serve and offer personal, compassionate assistance. They promise to be a professional resource for the benefit of the entire community and accept the responsibilities entrusted to them with the greatest measure of integrity and respect. Whether you choose a simple or uniquely personalized cremation arrangement, VCS Benefit Providers promise to ensure that each cremation is performed in accordance with the highest level of ethical cremation standards & procedures.
Becoming a member of the Veterans Cremation Society is a gift that will ease the burden of decision making and provide peace of mind for both you and your family. In addition to recording your final arrangement wishes you receive special membership pricing from your Veterans Cremation Society-Benefit Provider. You may consider a pre-payment option in order to spare your family the financial burden of your final arrangements. The funds are placed in a trust, insurance policy or an annuity and remain there until the death occurs. Making a pre-paid contract guarantees the price of the services and merchandise you select and ensures that your family will not have to pay any additional fees for those particular items in the future.
About VMG: Over the past 4 years ValMark Memorial Group has built a national network of nearly 1000 Exclusive Funeral Home Provider locations. ValMark enjoys a 100% Satisfactory Rating from funeral home owners taking advantage of the ValMark Programs. What that means is that we deliver on our promise to give you the tools and materials that will help you bolster your brand, enhance your existing attributes and increase your visibility.
“We are now prepared to take our promise a step further by escalating our marketing efforts to a new level” said Mark Davis, ValMark’s founder & CEO. Like our slogan says “Work The Programs & The Programs Will Work For You”. Our focus going forward will be on winning new business and increasing market share.
The funeral industry is overflowing with so called gurus, experts, consultants and marketing companies, few of which actually deliver on their message; “that funeral homes today must reinvent and reinvigorate their business in order to stay competitive and differentiate their offerings.”  It’s easy to shout from the rooftops but it takes talent and actual experience in the trenches combined with creativity to deliver on that message. That’s where we step in. We increase funeral home volume through organic growth of your core business…funeral & cremation services and merchandise. ValMark is a funeral & cremation industry–solutions company, not a software company wanting to snap on another plug-in to your website that will benefit them more than it benefits you. Even the Big 3 casket manufacturers pale in comparison to ValMark’s insight into the needs and wants of today’s death care consumer.
To learn more about ValMark Memorial Group’s other powerhouse brands, Cremation-With-Care and Veterans & Family Memorial Care

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