Drunken Face Tattoos Ruin Man’s Funeral Director Dream

February 18, 2010

imageDanny Boyes was left with a tattooed face after a drunken prank ? and now fears the artwork is putting the brakes on his dream job.

The 22-year-old harbours ambitions to work in the funeral business, but thinks potential employers are being putting off by the Chinese symbols on his left cheek.

Danny, of Southwick, bought the three-inch symbols after a drunken night of dares and has regretted the move ever since.

Now he is in the process of having his body art removed in the hope of bagging a job with a funeral director.


The dad-of-one said: “I regretted them the next morning, especially when my mam saw them. I can’t even remember getting them put on.

“I was really drunk and we ended up making dares. I got the Chinese symbols on my face, some aces on one side of my neck and my initials on the other side.”

Danny, who is dad to Dayton, seven months, added: “I have tried every funeral directors in Sunderland and Washington trying to get a job, but I think people judge a book by its cover.

“Being a funeral director is a really important job so I want the tattoos removed for when I’m dealing with the public.

“I am a really hard worker, I just need to be given a chance to get my foot in the door.”

Danny has lived with the unusual body art for the past three years and has been trying to have it removed in the last year.

Various laser treatments have failed to fade the symbols, but Danny was given a glimmer of hope after reading an Echo article about Barry Crake.

The Roker-based tattoo removal expert reckons some jobless people can’t get work because they have visible marks on their hands, neck or face ? so he is offering to remove them free of charge to help the unemployed back into work.

After reading about the offer, Danny is in the middle his of treatment in the hope it will help him climb the career ladder.

Danny, a former warehouseman, said: “People stare a lot because of my tattoos. I can’t wait for them to be removed.”

So far, Danny’s treatment ? using e-raze non-laser cream which draws the ink out of the skin ? is proving successful.

Barry, of Bellissimo North East, said: “Danny is responding really well to the treatment. The ink is out on one patch and is starting to heal over.

“He is the sort of person I wanted to help with the offer. He genuinely wants to work but is not being given the chance he deserves.”

Barry is also offering his services for free to cancer patients left with a radiotherapy mark and women in refuges who have a tattoo of their abusive partner’s name.

To find out more about Barry’s offer ring free on 0800 0845 047. You can also email barry@bellissimo-ne.co.uk or visit www.bellissimo-ne.co.uk

Source: Sunderlandecho.com


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