Care Center Manager – Laguna Hills, CA

March 2, 2017

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Care Center Manager – Laguna Hills, CA

Purpose: The department’s primary purpose is to provide the best presentation of their loved one allowing family and friends to say goodbye in their own unique way.  Knowing that families and friends need to come face to face with the deceased in order open to their grief and begin in the best way possible, the manager of the department is to insure that the very best results are reached in every step and stage of preparation.

Daily management and insuring the identity, preparation and placement of each decedent in our care is is vital to the proper operation of the department and care of the dead.  This necessitates upholding following processes and procedures and making sure task assignments are carried out so that decedents are ready 24 hours prior to services.

This position monitors state and federal requirements of several governmental agencies and the company’s compliance with current and changing rules affecting the company and its practices. This role also oversees the preservation of the dead using accepted standards for the embalming of human remains and final preparation for viewing, burial and transportation.


Starts $55,000 plus quarter opportunity plan based upon company and department performance.  Experience and abilities will determine compensation.  A quarterly opportunity bonus plan will be paid based upon specific Client Family Survey results including Team Bonus and Presentation of Deceased scores as rated by families served.

Benefits: Medical, dental and vision benefit plans are available to full time employees. The company pays a flat rate portion towards a monthly premium. Benefits start after 30 days of employment.

Medical, dental, and vision coverage offered in accordance to company benefits plan

100% Disability

Vacation time in accordance to company benefits plan

Sick Time in accordance to company benefits plan

401K Contribution

Job Description: The Care Center Manager oversees all operations within the Care Center, acts as a trusted leader for the Care Center team, and is responsible for the coordination and care of deceased while they are on our premises. Being ready and able to work services are also part of the current position.

Direct responsibility for the following areas apply:

  • Preparation Room and Body storage
  • Crematory maintenance and operation
  • Stocking and ordering of Care Center items and forms
  • Prioritization and scheduling of cremations
  • Set-up of on-site rooms for services

Training: An overview of mortuary functions and services provided is crucial in understanding how this support role fits into the overall framework of our company. You will be shown how most facets of our business work including making arrangements and working services.

Quarterly staff meetings covering a variety of topics are part of the company’s commitment to continued training and development. The company provides on-the-job training, which includes our General Manager working with you directly for personal instruction.

Qualities: Desired qualities on which the Care Center Manager will be evaluated include:

Accountability                          Compassion/Empathy              Conflict Resolution

Follow-Up                                Verbal/Written Skills                              Flexibility

Time Management                   Organization/Attention to Detail            Intuition


Licensed Embalmer State of California for more than 4 Years.

Must be able to work 5 day work weeks from 8am – 5pm, with alternating weekends on

Associates Degree in Mortuary Science

Excellent communicator in spoken and written word

Must maintain a professional appearance

Must have leadership qualities that fit within our company culture

Must have 2 years of management experience


Physical guidelines include:

Ability to lift up to 25 pounds and bend, stoop, twist

Sit/stand/walk for up to 8 hours a day

Must be able to work at computer for up to 8 hours day

No prior injuries or surgeries that will impede or recur impeding the ability to physically carry out this work

Performance: You will be evaluated on performance of the duties identified above. Informal evaluations will take place after quarterly events and at other opportune moments. You will have a 90 day Performance Review that will conclude the trial period.

As proficiency is attained on short and medium term goals, additional core competency goals will be added. All goals whether short or long term will be given attainment or completion dates.  If specific tasks related to the competency standards are not met, dates will be renegotiated.  As time passes management will determine if sufficient progress is being made to warrant continuation of the employment relationship, salary rate considerations, or promotion.

The company is an equal-opportunity employer and provides an employee benefits package. Management prefers to promote from within, so every employee is encouraged to discuss advancement and career goals with his/her supervisor. This position is “at will,” meaning neither continued employment nor tenure is guaranteed.