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September 20, 2016

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Guest article provided by: Homesteaders Life

Pictured: Scenes from the 2015 NFDA convention. Homesteaders is proud to once again be a Silver Sponsor of this year’s convention.

As the annual NFDA International Convention & Expo approaches, our excitement about this opportunity to connect with you grows every day. The 2016 convention is being held in October 23-26 in Philadelphia, PA, and offers numerous events, workshops and seminars for funeral professionals.

These are only some of the reasons you won’t want to miss out on this year’s convention.

1. You’ll learn about the latest industry trends.

The NFDA convention is home to the largest funeral service expo, where you can learn about industry trends and new products. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out Homesteaders’ display in booth #4348 to learn about our latest products and services, including our 2016 Innovation Award finalist.

2. You’ll have opportunities to fine-tune your skills.

Throughout the week, you will have opportunities to participate in workshops that can help you fine-tune your skills as a funeral professional. Choose from a variety of workshop topics such as online marketing, restoration and prep room best practices and tips for managing a successful small business. Whatever you choose, these workshops will help you develop your skills even further so you can provide the best possible service to your client families.

3. You’ll gain new ideas for your growing funeral business.

Attend one of the many workshops to gain insights on how to grow your funeral business. Learn new ways to market and manage your firm, how to gain a competitive edge in your marketplace and strategies to maintain a profitable funeral home.

4. You’ll get the training and continuing education opportunities you need to develop your skills.

The NFDA convention provides opportunities to fulfill your continuing education requirements while developing new skills. Through seminars and workshops, attendees will be able to learn new information that can help your growing business. Click here to learn more about the continuing education opportunities at this year’s convention.

5. You’ll be recognized for your hard work and accomplishments.

During the All-Star Recognition Ceremony, the NFDA will recognize those funeral professionals who are NFDA Certified Crematory Operators, NFDA Certified Preplanning Consultants, APFSP Certified Funeral Service Practitioners, NFDA Green Funeral Practice Certificate holders and 2016 NFDA Pursuit of Excellence Award recipients. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to celebrate with your peers and be recognized for all your hard work.

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