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FrontRunner Professional Dramatically Expands Services to its Exclusive Clients with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

February 3, 2016

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FrontRunner Professional Dramatically Expands Services to its Exclusive Clients with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

FrontRunner has dramatically expanded its advanced marketing services for the Exclusive Client Program with the addition of the profession’s most aggressive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service on the market, specifically designed for funeral professionals.


This powerful service, designed to position FrontRunner’s Exclusive Clients ahead of their competition in the search engines, reaffirms FrontRunner’s position as the leader in sophisticated, strategically focused technology and marketing solutions to help funeral professionals excel in today’s market.


“Over the past six months we have been quietly and methodically expanding our team of specialists in the field of advanced Search Engine Strategies”, says Ashley Montroy, Marketing Director of FrontRunner Professional. “We have worked closely with our Google Partners and dedicated Google rep to build out the most advanced SEO Program and in-house SEO team this industry has ever seen,” adds Montroy.

FrontRunner’s new SEO program has been built to deliver higher search engine rankings and attract more families to local funeral homes. Like everything FrontRunner does, the Exclusive Client Program works as a completely integrated highly orchestrated solution that in the end saves clients time and money, delivering a total technology and marketing solution with constant monitoring that is unmatched.


“Our Exclusive Client Program was developed out of a growing sentiment of funeral professionals who were tired of having to deal with eight different software and marketing companies that only resulted in an uncoordinated, disappointing and expensive experience. Many were tired of being sold a website or SEO services with the promise of beating out their competitor ‘up the street’, only to see the same company sell to the competitor up the street the same solution, leaving them with no real advantage” adds Montroy.


“FrontRunner has gained the reputation of being a watchdog for the industry, and we are proud of it” says Montroy. “It concerns us greatly to watch our profession under attack by companies that care little about how vulnerable they are leaving funeral homes. I’ve recently watched marketing companies offer websites with no real understanding of, or the commitment to, advanced technology, proper infrastructure or an understanding of the deep inner workings of the internet.  I see SEO vendors selling ‘air’ with no comprehension of a firm’s marketing or technology direction. I even see some casket companies offering incentivised, low tech websites, just to secure a contract or get at a funeral homes data, visitor traffic and online profits. As a speaker for many state and provincial associations, I take it upon myself to help funeral homes become more aware and avoid falling for low-cost SEO or low-tech website proposals. In today’s world, they need so much more than that and it’s time they had access to the advanced search engine and marketing services they need to achieve a true online strategy,” concludes Montroy.


The FrontRunner solutions are very different than anything on the market. In conjunction with a firm’s funeral website, FrontRunner continues to expand a myriad of public facing websites and advanced obituary strategies designed to work in concert and drive more families to the FrontRunner client sites. No other technology company comes close to this degree of sophistication, which is why they deliver such strong results and why they are hailed as the best solution on the market.


FrontRunner is the industry leader in funeral home websites, funeral home management solutions, integrated business systems and marketing services for funeral professionals, all working in seamless harmony.


To learn more about FrontRunner’s SEO services, visit  To speak to a FrontRunner representative about developing a strategic online marketing plan exclusive to your firm, contact Jules Green at 1-866-748-3625 x 507.