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Dining Options in India-no-place For the NFDA Convention Goers

October 5, 2015

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Dining Options in India-no-place For the NFDA Convention Goers

There’s plenty options for dining in downtown Indianapolis and around the city.  And contrary to what Hillary might think, there’s a lot going on here.  However, she was right about one thing.  We are “basketball crazy”.

As a native Hoosier who returned to Indianapolis in 2011, I’d like to offer my top ten recommendations on where to grab a bite here in the Circle City during the NFDA convention.  For convenience, I have limited my selections to downtown Indy (or close proximity) and stayed away from the big ticket steak chains (Capital Grille, Ruth Chris) and high end local eateries (St. Elmo’s) for dinner.  Rather, I have focused mostly on breakfast spots and lunch options:

1)      Café Patachou – 225 W Washington St.  Café Patachou bills itself as “the student union for adults” and is a great alternative to Starbucks for your morning caffeine fix.  Great spot not only for breakfast, but lunch as well and within close proximity to the convention center

2)      Bazbeaux – 329 Mass Ave.  While not technically downtown, it’s within easy walking distance in the Mass Ave shopping district.  This place gets top billing for best pizza place in Indy, just ahead of Jockamo’s.

3)      Shapiro – 808 S. Meridian St.  Looking for a kosher-style luncheon deli while in Indy?  Look no further than Shapiro’s.  Heaping helpings with a side of attitude, Shapiro is just east of the convention center.

4)      Scotty’s Brewhouse – 1 Virginia Ave.  A great place for a quick bite or to watch sports.  Had it’s start as a college bar almost a decade ago in Muncie.  It now boasts several locations throughout the state.

5)      Slippery Noodle – 372 South Meridian. Indiana’s oldest bar.  More of a bar than a restaurant, but boasts a great atmosphere especially on game day.  Note to my friends from New England – I wouldn’t wear a Patriots jersey there on Sunday evening as it draws a huge crowd on game days.

6)      Harry & Izzy’s – 153 South Illinois Street (in the Circle City Mall).  Owned by the same folks as St.Elmo’s, Harry & Izzy’s offer similar entrees as its “big brother”.  You can sample the world famous St. Elmo’s shrimp cocktail at a more reasonable price point, especially at lunch.

7)      Acapulco Joe’s – 365 Illinois, Ave.  Indy’s first Mexican restaurant.  Although Joe Rangel no longer plays the song “God Bless America” at noon in honor of the country that gave him and his restaurant its start, it’s still a decent place to get your Mexican fix.

8)      Kilroy’s – 201 S. Meridian.  Another transplanted restaurant from a Hoosier college campus – this time Bloomington.  Kilroy’s is just east of the Convention Center and a nice place for a cold one and a sandwich.

9)      Plump’s Last Shot – 6416 Cornell Avenue in Broad Ripple.  This makes the list for two reasons.  They serve an excellent breaded pork tenderloin (a Hoosier favorite) and it’s owned by Bobby Plump, who made the famous basket for the Milan Indians in 1954 that spawned the movie “Hoosiers”.

10)   Punch Burger – 137 E. Ohio Street.  This place serves an eclectic collection of burgers that can suit any craving.  If it’s a mainstream burger you crave, you can’t go wrong with Steak n Shake, which calls Indianapolis its home.

Enjoy your stay and the “Hoosier Hospitality”.  I wish everyone safe travels to and from Indianapolis for the 2015 NFDA Convention.