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ASD Donates $1,000 to Spastic Paraplegic Foundation as Part of Company’s “Exercise for a Cause” Program

December 23, 2013

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ASD Donates $1,000 to Spastic Paraplegic Foundation as Part of Company’s “Exercise for a Cause” Program

Employees at ASD – Answering Service for Directors recently met a company-wide goal of exercising for 1,000 hours on the company’s unique Treadmill and Recumbent bike workstations. As part of ASD’s “Exercise for a Cause” program, $1000 was donated by ASD to the Spastic Paraplegia Foundation.

The Spastic Paraplegia Foundation is a volunteer-managed and non-profit organization devoted to finding cures for Spastic Paraplegia and Primary Lateral Sclerosis. This cause is very close to the hearts of everyone at ASD. Family-Member Owner, Kathy Kelley’s son, Shane Kelley, suffers from the disease and the company is hopeful the foundation will discover a cure one day soon.

Over the past couple years, ASD Employees have been able to contribute to donations made to several other important organizations, including the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, American Cancer Society, Delaware County SPCA (where several of our staff volunteer) and, right now, employees are exercising to help the Choroideremia Research Foundation. ASD was made aware of this important cause by their client, Funeral Director, Mark Devoe. Mark’s son suffers from Choroideremia, a rare retinal disease that causes blindness. ASD owners have supported the organization in the past but wanted to offer their employees an opportunity to help as well.

The “Exercise for a Cause” program was born after ASD’s owners designed theirs treadmill and recumbent bike stations, which allow employees to move at a controlled rate while simultaneously answering calls. The company’s owners have found that these stations help improve their employees’ overall mental and physical health while providing an energy boost to the office. The unique workplace perk was recently featured on a Fox29 News Segment. Visit to see it.

ASD’s Treadmill and Recumbent bike stations were created in-house at ASD and tested thoroughly to ensure Call Specialists could type with ease while moving their feet. The maximum speed is capped at a slow rate of motion and was designed so that ASD Call Specialists can walk or bike 2.5 miles per hour. During an average week, more than 120 exercise sessions take place at ASD.

Employees can accrue 1000 hours for a charitable organization in less than 2 months. This incentive allows employees to work together toward a common, greater good.

“Since installing the Treadmill and Recumbent bike stations at ASD, we have seen a spike in employee moral. Many of our employees have commented that the stations help keep them refreshed and alert throughout the day,” says ASD Vice President of Technology, Martin Czachor Jr. “Employees who use these stations benefit from both exercise and the knowledge that they are contributing to an important cause.”

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