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Millenium Headstones introduces the world’s first high-tech Headstone

December 9, 2013

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Millenium Headstones introduces the world’s first high-tech Headstone

Miami, FL – Millennium Headstones Corp., a local family owned unique Headstone Manufacturing Company, is introducing a brand new concept to the world industry that has not changed for decades, especially in terms of High-Tech innovations.


Introducing the world first high-tech Headstone: a product that has more advantages than traditional headstones, is of better quality (high-end quality), more innovative, even less expensive than the traditional headstone product and custom-made in USA.


Our manufacturing process produces very little carbon emissions in dark contrast to the to the regular headstones, in a world where global warming becomes more and more a serious issue and where we need to reduce the overall output of carbon emission. Furthermore our product is made for 90% out of natural resources (Plasmacor, a patented material), which is a renewable resource and environmentally friendly.

The headstones have a cutting edge composite surface technology that is impervious to mildew, stains, cracks, fading or brittle, is very impact resistant and extremely durable, keeping an all-year round brilliant shine, while giving the possibility of easy repair of damaged headstones. The headstone is lightweight at 160 pounds, in comparison a similar size in regular stone would weigh 5000 pounds, and this allows for low shipping fees all over the world, also the installation is very easy, secure and requires no heavy duty equipment.


We are creating a product that is truly customizable and therefor giving everyone a chance to own their unique created memories, items ranging from large custom designed stained glass – which is impact proof – to custom pictures that are translucent, choices over coloring of letters for the engraving, trim color, and nameplates for the front and back, with the option to be removable.


Furthermore we constantly innovate to keep adding new features and options, planning things like different shapes and sizes, printed textures of Granite, Marble and other stones, which allows many different color choices of headstones, custom airbrush painted designs, different textures and designs for the nameplates, including more variation of color choices for the engraving, high-tech innovations like illumination of the stained glass at night, or LCD screen (optionally with motion detection), software applications that will interact with the person, and many more ideas.


Founded in 2008 by Engineer Matthias Burlet and Marco Burlet, including his spouse Deborah Daoud, Millennium Headstones is a family-owned company based in Miami, Florida. Visit: