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New Cocoon Casket Is So Fine It Was Featured In Playboy

October 22, 2013

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New Cocoon Casket Is So Fine It Was Featured In Playboy

There seem to be many companies betting on green burial being a huge trend or preference – enter Uono, manufactures of the Cocoon.

UONO has taken on the special task of reinterpreting the traditional “furniture” casket. In doing so, UONO consciously strays from familiar territory and relies on simple shapes and timeless elegance.

The model COCOON unites a discerning sense of aesthetics with functional simplicity, and its organic form brings a sculpture to mind. Shaped like a “COCOON” this casket symbolizes the passage to something new: “COCOON – Perfect Shelter.”

The Cocoon has been featured in a number of different publications like the New York Times and even Playboy.