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‘Til We Meet Again Breathes Life into Caskets with New Store in New Orleans

October 16, 2013

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‘Til We Meet Again Breathes Life into Caskets with New Store in New Orleans

‘Til We Meet Again – Wichita, LLC, a new memorial store concept specializing in the sale of custom-made, personalized, lifestyle, licensed and private label caskets, urns, jewelry and funerary products along with a line of remembrance items, announces the debut of Louisiana’s  ‘Til We Meet Again.  The store is located in The Esplanade Mall, 1401 West Esplanade Avenue, Suite 1202, Kenner, Louisiana, 70065.  The store will celebrate its official grand opening October 26, 2013.

Metairie resident and former Sheriff’s Deputy Jonathan Lahatte is the managing partner of ‘Til We Meet Again NOLA, LLC which will operate as ‘Til We Meet Again.  A new and unique retail concept, ‘Til We Meet Again stores are the only ones of its kind.  ‘Til We Meet Again provides an opportunity to celebrate the lives of loved ones by offering a limitless selection of custom and personalized caskets, urns and other memorial products.  In an effort to cater to the ever increasing interest of consumer’s desire for non-traditional funerals and instead have a celebration of life, ‘Til We Meet Again has determined the most effective way to reach consumers is through a retail store set in a mall setting.  ‘Til We Meet Again offers a non-threatening connection between the consumer and the funeral home.  The retail stores of ‘Til We Meet Again have a comfortable, bright friendly atmosphere versus a funeral home setting where at times the experience can seem emotionally overwhelming.

Custom burial is resonating with seniors, baby boomers, and younger generations by changing the somber mood of traditional funerals to a celebration of Life.  “We’re not only helping an industry that needs change, we’re helping break the taboo about caskets,” says Nathan Smith, Co-Founder, President & CEO of ‘Til We Meet Again.  “Louisiana residents for the first time have a choice in purchasing a casket or urn, whereas before the only option was through a conventional funeral home,” says Traci Smith-Cone, Owner and Co-Founder of ‘Til We Meet Again, “The recent ruling by the Fifth Circuit Court in the case of Saint Joseph Abbey v. Castille has opened the door in Louisiana for a memorial store like ours.”

‘Til We Meet Again has an exclusive license agreement with the Vatican Observatory Foundation and offers other licensed memorial products.   ‘Til We Meet Again also offers a complete line of Military, Firefighter and Police custom designed products and remembrances.

‘Til We Meet Again will celebrate its grand opening on Saturday, October 26th, 10 am to 7 pm.

‘Til We Meet Again, NOLA will be open seven days a week, Monday thru Saturday 10 am to 7 pm and 1 pm to 5 pm on Sundays.  Customers will also have the option of scheduling private appointments.