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SCI Launches ‘Bowling For Boobies’ Campaign

October 14, 2013

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SCI Launches ‘Bowling For Boobies’ Campaign

We received the following email yesterday and we want to know what your thoughts are about SCI’s ‘Bowling For Boobies’ fundraising campaign.

Email from a SCI funeral director in Florida:

I am starting to feel like I am becoming a prude… Our cluster of funeral homes is having a sponsored employee event for breast cancer awareness called “Bowling for Boobies”…now this might make some chuckle (I can picture my son when he was a teenager cracking up) but we are FUNERAL HOMES …its bad enough we seem to be losing all civility as a country but shouldn’t we be just a little more DIGNIFIED than that after all we are DIGNITY MEMORIAL? Feelings?

¬†What do you think? Is ‘Bowling for Boobies’ a good idea for a funeral home?