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NewBridge Group Congratulates Owners On The Sale Of Their Businesses

October 1, 2013

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NewBridge Group Congratulates Owners On The Sale Of Their Businesses

Over the past few months, NewBridge Group has assisted more than 20 funeral home owners in a variety of aspects concerning the future of their business.

“Most clients initially ask us to perform a business appraisal.   We then help to develop a strategy for their succession planning,” said President Jeff Boutwell. “Today we are extremely pleased to congratulate some of our recent clients in the completion of their succession plans, including the sale of their business.  We work hard to ensure that our clients receive the highest price and are fit with the best future operator.  These clients are good examples of the variety of possible outcomes that stem from our advice.”

In these recent sales brokered by NewBridge, one of the companies sold to a large corporation, one sold to the existing husband and wife management team, and one sold to a regional operator. Boutwell explains the company begins its work with an open mind concerning the best-case scenario for each client.

NewBridge’s professional staff combines more than 50 years of funeral home succession planning experience and includes MBAs, a real estate appraiser, an attorney, and a CPA.

The company would like to congratulate the following businesses, former owners, and new owners. The full articles concerning each company are posted on    

Canton, TX – The Eubank Funeral Home and Van Zandt County Haven Of Memories Cemetery was purchased this month by Service Corporation International. Eubank Funeral Home was founded in 1926 by Lee Eubank, grandfather of the prior owners. NewBridge Group represented the former owners, Tommy, Kent and Jimmy Eubank in the transaction. Tommy Eubank stated that “NewBridge called at just the right time as I was really ready to retire from the business. Their patient persistence throughout the process was just what was needed to ensure a successful transaction. We are all very happy with the outcome.”

Leesburg, VA – Greg and Suzanne Walley recently announced their purchase of the Colonial Funeral Home, which they have managed since 2003. NewBridge Group was hired by the former owner and advised throughout the transaction, assisting with financing to purchase the funeral home and structuring the transaction to create a good solution for both buyer and seller.

North, SC – The Culler-McAlhany Funeral Home was purchased in late June by Greg Rollings. Culler-McAlhany Funeral Home was founded more than 100 years ago. NewBridge Group was hired by Tom McAlhany, as its succession planner in determining the best options for the future.  Mr. McAlhany stated “I wanted to sell the business quickly and to someone I knew would continue the long tradition of quality service to the people in North. NewBridge helped obtain a price that met my goals to a family-owned funeral home operator who I know will continue great service to the families.  The whole process only took three months, and I am very happy with the outcome. I have recommended NewBridge to my friends who are interested in retiring from funeral service.”

NewBridge Group provides funeral home valuations and appraisals to its clients and assists them in exploring a sale of the business.   From its Atlanta home office and multiple offices around the nation, NewBridge Group has been successfully providing succession planning services to funeral home owners for almost 20 years.  For more information on how we can help please call Jeff Boutwell at 404-249-9582 or visit