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Gregory Ferris To Become Our Resident Expert in Employee Engagement

July 30, 2013

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Gregory Ferris To Become Our Resident Expert in Employee Engagement

ConnectingDirectors is most interested in creating further awareness and understanding of the positive impact employee engagement has in the workplace. We have requested Gregory Ferris of the Coaching Group, Tallahassee, Florida to become our resident expert in Employee Engagement (EE).


Gregory has extensive work experiences as a manager of training at Batesville Casket Company, MHI Group – funeral home acquisition company and for the past fifteen years as an independent consultant. He has worked with a funeral home group in Michigan in establishing employee engagement over a 10 month period. The consulting work has had a very positive effect on job satisfaction, improved productivity, cost cutting and family satisfaction.

For the past four  years  Gregory has repeatedly published articles on engaging employees in the funeral home (The Director, The American Funeral Director, Connecting Directors Nomis Publications et al.) presented key note address and interactive workshops on employee engagement to state funeral director associations (Florida, Nebraska, New Jersey, Arkansas, Louisiana and Maryland,  and Illinois).


Gregory will be creating a five-part series on employee engagement.  The following topics will be addressed by Gregory:


  • What is Employee Engagement?
  • The Consequence of Employee Engagement
  • Measuring the Level of Engagement
  • How to Roll Out Engagement in the Workplace
  • Employee Engagement Tools and Resources


We have also discussed the possibility of conducting EE webinars as well as face-to-face EE workshops, leadership coaching and much more!


We are very excited to be adding Gregory’s expertise to our continued effort to provide online members engaging approaches to reaching excellence.