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What Is Your Firm Doing To Stay At The Top?

March 1, 2013

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What Is Your Firm Doing To Stay At The Top?

We saw this though provoking little snippet on the Funeral Finance LLC blog and it got us thinking….. What is your funeral home doing to stay at the top?

Professional baseball players have batting practice…

So what type of training is regularly being conducted at your funeral home?

Most professional athletes have some type of regular practice and training daily…is regular training part of your funeral home activities?

Training on how to address phone shoppers, arrangement presentation, embalming techniques, funeral products knowledge, etc.  The list of activities and skills that are necessary to be a funeral professional are endless.  Honing skills to become more proficient often provides for efficiency of process, identification of areas of improvement, reduction of overheads and ultimately better experiences for the families that are being served.

Just attending a CEU class isn’t cutting it…practice like a professional!

After all, even pro baseball players have batting coaches and practice before their game, shouldn’t funeral professionals train and practice before performing their duties?

[via: Funeral Finance, LLC]