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September 13, 2012

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September 11, 2012.  Funeral Home Resource, the online marketing department for the funeral industry, launches the new is an exceptional source of information for private and public mausoleums.


Private showcases Forever Legacy, the premier builder of private mausoleums in the United States. The new site provides information on mausoleums, mausoleum construction and architecture, and mausoleum ownership.  With informative articles, examples of private mausoleum construction, and examples of mausoleums from around the world, those considering a mausoleum find all the resources they need.

Forever Legacy provides services for an elite clientele, building and restoring private mausoleums on private estates and in cemeteries for discerning clients, including foundations and trusts, using premium and everlasting materials and construction techniques. Forever Legacy holds a trademark for its Eternal Guarantee™, a true guarantee that each mausoleum constructed will be maintained in perpetuity.


Public Mausoleums. showcases premier community mausoleum builder, Ingram Construction. Working with cemeteries on large-scale mausoleum and columbarium projects, Ingram Construction offers custom designs and custom builds to meet each client’s preferences and site.


To provide detailed information for those considering building a mausoleum, Funeral Home Resource has gathered pictures and narrative from mausoleum expert, Douglas Keister. Keister, author of several books, is well-respected for his works on cemeteries and mausoleums., powered by Funeral Home Resource, offers the Internet’s best resources on mausoleum construction.


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