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CremationWithCare Preferred Providers Are Changing the Way People Think About Cremation

January 9, 2012

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CremationWithCare Preferred Providers Are Changing the Way People Think About Cremation

Sanibel Island, FL: — The majority of people think that all funeral homes alike. That’s why so many choose a cremation provider primarily based on price and not VALUE, and when you compete on price, everyone loses. ValMark Memorial Group announced today that since launching its CremationWithCare division on the first of December, over 100 funeral homes across 25 states have become the exclusive CremationWithCare preferred provider in the communities they serve. CremationWithCare selects funeral homes with experience in working with families from all walks of life who are leaders in their profession and are committed to providing dedicated, caring service while upholding the highest level of ethical business standards. Their facilities offer families a beautiful, versatile setting in which to gather relatives & friends who wish to honor and pay their respects to their loved one.

“There is no question that as a funeral director and funeral home owner you recognize the competitive nature of our profession” said Mark Davis, CEO of ValMark Memorial Group, yet so many will not take the action necessary to gain a competitive edge. It’s become a clichÈ but the fact of the matter is that your success and growth will be determined by what sets you apart. When you successfully differentiate your funeral home from the others you can make the transition from being another choice, to being the ONLY CHOICE.”

CremationWithCare has created all of the tools & materials necessary for their preferred providers to deliver a value message and brand promise that is guaranteed to grow market share, increase revenue and strengthen relationships with those in the community that have influence and persuade others. Included with membership are the CWC brochures: “When someone You Love Becomes a Memory, Their Memory Becomes a Treasure”, press releases, wall hangings, logo window clings, The CWC Promise Certificate, website logo banner & link, the CWC Handbook-“Mastering the Cremation Conference”, Moving Families Towards Remembrance and the CWC Urn Presentation, guaranteed to increase cremation merchandise sales.

Many funeral home owners have taken the approach of trying to scare the public into using their funeral home for cremation by giving them cremation horror stories to read. This is the wrong tactic says Mark Davis. “If that is your cremation marketing message you are making a huge mistake,” said Mark. “Delivering the message of use our funeral home or else is fundamentally bad for your business. Proliferating negative thoughts and images about cremation and the cremation process does nothing to enhance your brand or your image. Why in the world would you waste your time, effort and money on negative marketing when you can capitalize on a positive message that will actually increase revenue and grow market share? Your focus should be on moving families to remembrance, not on the details of the cremation process. In 35 years of meeting with thousands of cremation families not one family ever told me that they selected my funeral home because of our cremation process. However I did convert 70% of direct cremation families into Remembrance Gathering families and doubled my cremation merchandise sales by delivering the brand promise and value proposition now being offered by CremationWithCare preferred providers nationwide.”

In business…any business, image is everything and perception is paramount. Your efforts and ability to influence public perception is the very definition of public relations. What you communicate visually and verbally to your community is a major component of the CremationWithCare marketing strategy.

To learn more about the CremationWithCare value message, the CWC Handbook-Mastering the Cremation Conference, CWC Urn Presentation and how your funeral home can become an exclusive CWC preferred provider visit: or call toll free: 866-770-679.