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Nation?s Largest Funeral Answering Service Supports Clients with Free Texting Features

December 24, 2010

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Nation?s Largest Funeral Answering Service Supports Clients with Free Texting Features

Last month, Answering Service for Directors (ASD) provided a special texting feature to all of its clients, free of charge. Although ASD typically charges for this premium feature, management chose to provide the service at no cost to all clients as an expression of gratitude. This is just one example of ASD?s commitment to using technology to help its clients run their businesses.

ASD provides an exclusive level of answering services to funeral homes in North America, providing call services for more than 25% of U.S. funeral homes. Over the past several months, ASD has added numerous features to support their clients? businesses in an effort to maximize business opportunities for funeral home clients.

During December 2010, all urgent messages, including messages regarding the passing of loved ones, were texted to funeral home clients for immediate attention. Many ASD clients already take advantage of this feature. Those that were not using the texting feature were able to enjoy the benefits firsthand. The promotion was extremely successful and received universal positive reviews from funeral directors.

According to Vice President and Co-Owner, Kevin Czachor, ?These texting features are one of the many ways ASD is using technology to help support funeral directors. The fact is, we have built our systems to ensure that clients never miss an important call. We have been working with funeral homes for 38 years and understand their unique needs. In today?s environment of lean staffing, taking advantage of texting technology allows our clients to be mobile without missing any opportunities.?

Based on the excellent reception of this free trial, ASD will begin a free trial period for its ?text with reply? feature on December 28. This feature has two major benefits – it alerts clients of an urgent call via text and gives the client an opportunity to respond to the text. This eliminates the need for ASD to call out to the client, a time and money saving feature.

About ASD

ASD is the leader in answering service and sales support for funeral professionals. As a full service provider, ASD empowers directors and staff of funeral homes to offer the highest caliber of service, both at and away from the office. ASD?s innovative technology and customer service have made it a national leader. Headquartered in Media, Pennsylvania, the firm offers comprehensive call support for funeral homes and funeral related businesses of all sizes. For more information about ASD?s text message and dial delay features, visit or call the 24-hour customer service line at 1-800-868-9950.

Contact: Kevin Czachor, Vice President

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