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SRS SecureIDy Crematory Management

January 7, 2010

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SRS SecureIDy Crematory Management

image SRS Crematory Manager tracks cases and records the cremation process.

Although it can import cases from the funeral home database, it is designed

to report invoices, billing statements, and account receivables separately.

SRS Crematory Manager generates cremation certificates, record for interment

and cremation lists.

SRS Crematory Manager is a stable network based product designed either for

use on a single workstation or as a client server application (including

terminal server/remote desktop.) SRS Crematory Manager is designed for use

only with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Server 2003 or Server 2008 on 32 or 64

Bit Machines.

SecurIDy – Developed through a Partnership with Matthews CremationSecurIDy –

SRS and Matthews Cremation have partnered to create a bar code scanning

program that works in conjunction with the SRS Crematory Manager! SecurIDy

was introduced at the 2009 CANA convention. The introduction of bar code

scanning to the crematory work flow will Validate Documentation, Enhance

Procedural Control, Insure Accountability, Reduce Liability Risk and Improve

Overall Accuracy

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