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Caption This: Creepy Hearse Show

Article by Caleb Wilde

I don't know what's scarier, a grown man painted with a joker face and driving a casket kart, or the dozens of people behind him chillin in old hearses?

What is this event? Is it a hearse show? Who would show up to such a car show? Besides the joker, maybe some emos, a couple goths and ... I honestly haven't a clue as to who'd want to be here. None of these guys, gals and kids look like funeral directors.

Maybe they are wannabe funeral directors? I can't imagine that such a segment of the population exists. It's not like we're athletes or celebrities. We bury the dead ... nothing glamours at all. And, it's not hard to BE a funeral director ... three to four years of school.

Those guys are truly a sorry bunch if they're wannabes.

Maybe it's a horse show and some rednecks misheard "horse" as "hearse"?

"Hey'a Billy. Ya bringin that ol harse of yours to da show?"

"Harse? Why da hell dey havin a harse show?"

"Dy shoin off dy harses and whoever has da best one gets a grand."

"That's like a year supply of beer."

"Yup. You'd better wax that der harse up nice and clean dat deer carcus out da back."

And doesn't it creep you out that there's a kid just chillin in the back of a hearse? If you notice, there's three kids in the background of this photo. The two boys seems to be jealously looking at the girl with the balloon ... almost like they've never seen one before ... maybe their parents only give them dead, popped balloons? Or maybe they've never seen the color pink before?

I don't know and I don't think I want to know.

Caleb Wilde

I'm a sixth generation funeral director. I have a grad degree in Missional Theology. And I like to read and write. Connect with my writing and book plans by "liking" me on facebook. And keep tabs with my blog via subscription or twitter.