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The Bacon Casket Video…Yeah, They Made a Video, And It’s Cool

The creators of the “Bacon Coffin”, J&D’s, have created a video for their “bacon coffin” as they call it, and it is really pretty cool. It is rare to find companies that really understand their customers and their customer’s love for certain products. The owners of J&D, who refer to themselves as “Bacontrepreneurs”, really seem to get their customer, and according to them, the bacon coffin is an answer to the statement they often hear from customers, “We love bacon to death”. Now they have made that statement a reality.

Watch the video below and let us know if you think this casket or as they call it “coffin” has a chance to work, or is it going to fry?


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  • Jhardwick

    At first I thought this was an April Fools joke. But after watching the video & going to the website I see that it not a joke & indeed is yet another option in the casket selection choices. Hey, if you are a pig farmer or just a pure fan of bacon…..this just may be your casket.

  • Anastasia

    It looks like really bad camo.

  • Koolkat5249

    What a truly tasteless idea. While I am generally all for the idea of personalization, this is stupid.

  • fluidpusher

    I don’t think it really resembles bacon, but, the market will determine whether it succeeds or not.  I am betting not.

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