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Dying for a Change: Social Media and the Death Care Industry [Infographic]

The below is a very insightful infographic that was put together mu MySendOff.com. This infographic is jam packed with very useful facts, many of the facts are almost commonsense, but to see the actually figures is eye opening. For example, I think it is very interesting that 68% of funeral directors say that social media has impacted their business, but very few funeral homes are actually embracing social media. Did you know that 78% of baby boomers are regularly online? Did you know that 1 baby boomer passes away every 49.5 seconds? Look at the inforgraphic below for more facts like this.


[caption id="attachment_5033" align="aligncenter" width="585" caption="Dying For a Change: Social Media and the Death Care Industry"][/caption]

Please share in the comment section “What fact or stat on this infographic was more eye opening for you?”.



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  • Gavin W. W.

    I met the owners of mysendoff at the ICCFA show and then checked out their web site.  I was very impressed at their efforts to get more people thinking about planning their own funeral and changing the way people look at the option of services we can provide. This graphic shows that they understand the challenges we are facing.    

  • fluidpusher

    Several times recently I have learned of a local community member’s death before I received the death call from the family or the hospital.  Very interesting.

  • fluidpusher

    I should have said previously that I learned of the death on Facebook before receiving the call from the family.

  • I find the most interesting fact here is that the cost of a funeral service has remained relatively stable over the decades. Shatters the common public perception that the cost of a funeral has skyrocketed.

  • BT Hathaway

    I’m missing something because I don’t see any insights here (not for funeral directors anyway). It might be an effective advertisement for the uninitiated and I would be interested to know some details about their response rate. But otherwise, telling me as a funeral director that people play “contemporary music” and that death information is getting around on Facebook was already pretty obvious.

  • JJ.Jackson

    Really neat.

  • djackson

    Nice to see this info in one place in a trendy design. BT, think it is more for a quick overview instead of a ressearch document so lighten up a bit.

  • Buckaroo 100

    Saw the two ladies that put this together on the “Sharks” TV show…none of the sharks were interested in participating in it with them…they were very surprised…and taken aback…sharks thought their was no real money to be made on their investment and thought the idea, though unique, would go nowhere.  Hmmmm, don’t believe I’ll invest either.

    • ryanthogmartin


      The 2 ladies you saw on “Shark Tank” were from MyWonderfulLife.com. This infographic was put together by MySendoff.com. The businesses model of these two companies is vastly different.

      I agreed with the “Sharks”, MyWonderfulLife.com really didn’t have a business model. Personally I don’t think they are providing any real benefit to the consumer or funeral profession. 

      MySendoff.com on the other hand is getting families to think of the “impossible” when creating a funeral service and then pairing the family with a local funeral home. Is this for everyone? NO, but I like the idea of teaching the consumer to “create the impossible”. MySendOff.com IS providing a valuable service for consumers and the funeral profession.

      • Colin Firth

        Thanks for the clarification Ryan. 

        I will add that if a funeral director is a visitor to connectingdirectors.com then they are probably progressive-minded and obviously have somewhat of an understanding of technology and the Internet. Those are the funeral directors that mysendoff.com is created for and can assist with social media marketing.

        Cheers-Colin Firth
        Founder – mysendoff.com 

  • Colin Firth

    Buckaroo 100. You are mistaken. 

    We are NOT the same company.The ladies on Shark’s Tank were from another company and their business plan was built around selling pre-need insurance. They indicated they had partnered with two pre-need life insurance companies and were offering insurance that would cover the cost of a funeral/life celebration party. Their business model was based on commissions-earned from selling pre-need policies. While the Sharks liked their general idea about an online pre-planning resource, they did not like the commission structure revenue model that the ladies were using in searching for funding.At mysendoff.com we do not sell pre-need insurance! We are a marketing and advertising platform that is geared towards helping funeral homes reach out to new potential clients in their own local market through local computer address matching. I encourage you to check out our site to properly understand what we do and you will see our efforts to get more people thinking about and planning their own funeral sendoff.  –   http://www.mysendoff.com

    If you still have any questions you can email me directly –   [email protected]

    Cheers- Colin Firth
    Founder – mysendoff.com
    Social Media for Funeral Planning

  • Jonathonohara

    Very insightful, and very useful information for everyone involved in funeral service.