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Major Television Network is Casting Fabulous Women of the Funeral Industry

We got a call Friday from a producer who is looking for “fabulous” women in the funeral profession for a new reality show to be run on a major television network.

Here is the casting call info we were sent:

Are you a Fabulous Woman of the Funeral Industry? Do you believe funerals are for the living and not just the dead...and therefore make sure every service you conduct is one to be remembered? Do you have a special flair for the dramatic and a special signature touch that leaves funeral goers and families both pleased and speechless? If so, this is the time for you and your business to shine!!! Other interesting scenarios we are seeking are, but not limited to:

· Did you inherit your father's funeral business and have had to prove you are just as talented as the man who came before you?
· Did you recently marry a funeral director but know nothing about the business and have to learn things quickly because he wants you to work with him?
· Are you a fabulous mother-daughter funeral directing duo?
· Are you the most successful woman funeral director in your area and catch flack from male-run funeral homes in the area?
· Did you inherit your family's funeral business but would much rather be pursuing your life's true passion, but don't know how to tell your family?

If you are a woman of the funeral industry and possess a BIG, BOLD, and ENTERTAINING PERSONALITY... a major television network, in conjunction with a Los Angeles-based production company wants to hear from YOU!

Please send us an email with "Fabulous Funerals" in the subject line to [email protected] and give us your name, phone number, and current photos. Give a brief description (less than 150 words) of yourself and your business, and what makes YOU a Fabulous Woman of the Funeral Industry.

Submissions are due ASAP, as we are on a tight deadline.

So, do you consider yourself a fabulous women of funeral service?

Ryan Thogmartin

CEO at DISRUPT Media and ConnectingDirector.com
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