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McDonald Containers Introduces Rental Casket Insert

The last year has been a monumental one for us here at McDonald Containers. It all started in May of 2011 when McDonald Containers moved across Columbia, SC, to a new location. We were blessed with the ability to relocate just a few miles from the heart of the downtown into a larger manufacturing facility, doubling our manufacturing capacity.

Due to this move and growth, we have since been able to expand our product line. Later that summer, McDonald Containers was pleased to introduce our Oversized Cremation Container. We saw a need in the market for such a product, felt compelled to take advantage of our new space, and decided to fill the gap by adding the larger
cremation container to our line.

As the New Year approached, we were interested in finding new ways to continue the company's exciting progress. One of our core, and probably most important, values is to offer great customer service. However, even before we can consider providing great customer service, we have to win consumers over with our product line offerings. In order to grow in keeping with the current market demands, we recently added a Rental
Casket Insert to our catalog.

Our new Rental Casket Insert fits most rental caskets and is ideal for easy handling. The product has a pad, throw, overlay, pillow and hinge skirt in a rose tan crepe color. The double walled corrugated unit ships completely assembled with a bottom reinforced with plywood for durability and effortless use.

What's next for McDonald Containers? The future is unknown. What we do know is that it does not stop here. We will be striving for continued progress in hopes of aiding funeral homes and crematories in their mission to provide superior service to grieving families.


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