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“Visit A Cemetery Day"

Brought to you by International Memorialization Supply Association (IMSA), mysendoff.com and Kates-Boylston Publications
Sunday October 28, 2012 is Visit A Cemetery Day: Cemeteries are much more than just a peaceful and tranquil resting place for the departed.
Cemeteries are a fascinating snapshot of a community's historical timeline, a proud and permanent museum for those who came before and helped shape the identity and personality of every community across North America.

From the unique names, interesting symbols, dates and thoughtful epitaphs engraved into each unique headstone or mausoleum, each and every marker in a cemetery has its own interesting story that should be shared. Awareness of the value and historical importance of cemeteries and funeral traditions and encouraging people to think about their life celebration options are our goals, and we hope you will join us in this very special event that you can help organize in your own community.
Sunday October 28, 2012 is the second annual "Visit A Cemetery Day" and as a funeral service professional or cemeterian, we would like you to join the International Memorialization Supply Association (IMSA), mysendoff.com and Kates-Boylston Publications by inviting your community to experience the historical significance of your local cemeteries by sharing the enclosed news release with partners in your local media. Of course, you will want your media partners to also mention that you are a local partner in "Visit A Cemetery Day."
Add the name of your funeral home or cemetery to the media release (as shown in the link below) and forward to your local media partners. We would also encourage you to share the information on your facebook page to help spread the word about Visit A Cemetery Day amongst your Facebook friends.
By encouraging people in your community to visit a cemetery, whether to visit their family and distant ancestors or just to enjoy an interesting autumn afternoon before the cooler winter temperatures arrive, you will be helping to initiate the discussion of funeral life celebration planning, the value of traditional interment and also position yourself as a participant in the preservation and celebration of your community's history.
Once again, we hope that you will join us in helping to promote the historical importance of cemeteries with our "Visit A Cemetery Day" and join us to make this day a success in your own community.
For further information please visit www.mysendoff.com/visitacemeteryday and to download the media release to share with your local media partners please visit www.mysendoff.com/vacdmediarelease or contact [email protected]
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