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Casket Tanning Bed, Caption Contest!

The below picture was originally posted by our good friend and guest blogger Caleb Wilde. We thought this picture would bring a few laughs but also presented a great opportunity for a caption contest.

The contest winner will receive (1) brand new, fresh from the warehouse, never seen before SoFund.Us t-shirt!

Here is how the contest will work:

The picture already has a decent caption/tagline but we think you can come up with something better!

Please leave your caption/tagline below. Comments will be accepted for the contest until 12:00am Sunday October 21st. Comments submitted after this date will be accepted but not eligible for the contest. We will take a poll around the office and determine a winner. We will announce the winner on Monday.

Get creative :)


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  • No one in heaven will recognize you without the “Eternal Tanning Booth”

    • Krystal

      Love the “eternal tanning” Jessica. Funny ad! Caleb I don’t know how you find this stuff online, but I commend you! Love a little humor to start my Friday off 🙂

  • Ben Brown

    Approved by Tan Mom!

  • Reuben Feuerborn

    Forever tan: Melanoma is only for the living.

  • CJ

    “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm

  • Tate Goodwin

    Can’t decide if you want burial or cremation? Now you don’t have to, get baked while you are buried in the new “Cremacasket”. A sensible alternative to the “traditional funeral” Tate Goodwin, Coldwater, MI

  • Lori

    Because when you’re cool the sun shines on you 24 hours a day

  • Lori

    Because when you’re cool the sun shines on you 24 hours a day…

  • Adams Urns

    A must have for all the “Jersey Shore” fans out there!

  • Gives your Loved one that Natural Glow. Perfect for viewings!

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