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Lowest 2013 music license prices in the industry

The ICCFA is offering 2013 music licensing with ASCAP, BMI and SESAC for only $255 per property, with no additional fees or membership requirements. This is the LOWEST PRICE available in the industry!  
To ensure your compliance with music licensing laws, we urge you to obtain your ICCFA Music License Membership now atwww.iccfa.com/music.*

Licensing: A necessary cost of doing business
Music licensing is the law, and failure to obtain a license where one is required can be costly: Copyright law provides for damages similar to fines of up to $30,000 for each song that is infringed.


Obtaining your 2013 license
By obtaining licensing through all three agencies–ASCAP, BMI and SESAC –your firm ensures its coverage for any music a client family might request. To do this directly through the agencies, you will pay more than $500 per location. The ICCFA has negotiated a volume membership-based discount that now allows you to obtain all three licenses for just $255 per location for the 2013 calendar year. What’s more, if enough funeral homes and related businesses participate, that cost may be lowered for future years.


How to join
Membership is open to any company in the cemetery and funeral service business in the United States. To join, please use the online form atwww.iccfa.com/music.* The deadline to secure your license at $255 for the 2013 calendar year is January 31, 2013.


 *Companies that purchased their license through the ICCFA in 2012 have been invoiced.


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