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Will the Batesville Acquisition of Software Solutions Provider HMIS, Inc Be Good for the Funeral Profession?

Will the Batesville acquisition of software solutions provider HMIS, Inc be good for the profession? We want to get the collective feedback from funeral professions to gage the initial reaction and thoughts about the acquisition.

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  • fluidpusher

    Don’t care. Don’t do business with either.

  • Dale Clock

    This is a good thing for batesville and all the funeral homes that use and trust them The funeral industry is full of owners who are “technically challenged”. Some body has to bring these folks into the next millennium.

  • BT Hathaway

    Mergers are tough. I wish them well.

  • BT Hathaway

    Mergers are tough. I wish them well.

  • It is good to see Batesville continuing to diversify and grow in areas that will assist their customers.