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10,000 Facebook Users Die Each Day, What If You Could Control The Obituary?

I was contacted last week by a new startup company called Everta.lk. They have created a Facebook Canvas app the turns a deceased users Facebook Profile into a memorial page. They just launched in July and already have 10,000 users.

Everta.lk is a Facebook Canvas app that offers social memorial pages and fundraising. Facebook has 955,000,000 users and 10,000 of those users are passing away each day. Friends and family are memorializing loved ones on Facebook through comments and the sharing of photos and video. Evertalk allows this memorialization happen right through Facebook and allows the funeral home to participate through the by uploading and branding the obituary.

The value for a funeral home is in the conversation that is taking place on these Everta.lk memorial pages, currently funeral homes are missing out on this conversation. Everta.lk wants to change that.

Here is a video interview I did with Everta.lk CEO Russ Hearl. I think there is a great opportunity for funeral homes to brand and own the obituary that gets shared on the Everta.lk social memorial pages.

Ryan Thogmartin

Ryan Thogmartin is founder and CEO of two innovative companies. Connecting Directors LLC (www.connectingdirectors.com) and Disrupt Media Group, LLC (www.disruptmg.com). ConnectingDirectors.com is the premier progressive online publication for funeral professionals. ConnectingDirectors.com is a thriving global publication with a reader base of over 15,000 of the most elite and forward-thinking professionals in the industry.

Disrupt Media Group, LLC is a social media marketing solutions firm. Disrupt MG focuses on proficiently assisting small businesses in creating engaging social media marketing strategies. Without a social media marketing strategy companies and brands are just aimlessly posting without any coherent direction. Social media marketing is more than just having a Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube page; businesses have to have a strategy to telling their story, one that opens the door and starts the conversation.

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  • Sharon Smith

    Hi Ryan,
    Enjoyed your videos and would like to speak to you. Will send a private message through FaceBook.

  • alan

    great post! thanks for bringing this to our attention

  • http://www.facebook.com/chrislemley Chris Lemley

    Glad to see this here. Russ reached out to our small-town funeral home recently and we were able to talk at length about his idea(s). He’s identified a very unique need and truly understands the changing face of our business… something very rare — just like CD itself — when it comes to an otherwise too often “behind the times” industry.

    • ryanthogmartin

      hanks Chris! We appreciate the support and the referral.

    • http://www.facebook.com/RussHearl Russ Hearl

      Chris – it’s thought leaders like you and Ryan that will move this industry forward. Thank you both for bringing Evertalk and how memorials are handled on Facebook to the forefront!

      Russ Hearl
      CEO & Founder

  • dave

    An interesting article Ryan!
    Evertalk has a first class promo however, the concept is a number of years old. This space already has 3 serious players. Thanks for bringing this forward.

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