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LA Production Company Seeking Women in Funeral Business

It seems like companies are constantly trying to cast women in the funeral profession for new reality shows frequently. To our knowledge we don’t know of any shows currently being taped. If you missed out on other opportunities here is another one. Proceed with caution, there is no description of what you would be casting for, just what the casting company is looking for.
LA based Production Company seeking attractive young women 18-35 who are in the funeral business for new reality show. Are you a woman starting your own business in the funeral industry? Are you in mortuary school and about to step out into the working world? Do you run or work at your own funeral home? Are you about to or are you currently opening a funeral home?
Again, please proceed with caution.
To sign up for casting visit: http://www.realitywanted.com/call/20100-casting-women-in-funeral-business#.UDFd9NDhczF


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  • Linda Darby-CEO Trigard

    Please Ladies….if you respond to this casting opportunity, remember, you make or break our profession!!

  • Al Gore Mortis

    Is this another Ron Jeremy film?