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Aurora Pink Slips – Here Are the Positions Let Go

As we shared with you last week Aurora Casket Company’s PR group called ConnectingDirectors.com “gossip” when asked by a Indiana News service to comment on the reports we made regarding layoffs.

Since posting that article on Friday we have received even more confirmation of the layoffs; including a list of the exact positions that were let go.

Here is one of the emails we received:


Nothing upsets me more when people lie. As a person that was part of the pink slips, I thought this information would help you prove to the PR group your more than just a rumor mill. Here are the exact positions let go:

2 Sales Managers
1 Product Management
3 Sales Support
1 Administrative Support
2 Sales Representatives
2 Supervisors
1 Engineer
2 Warehouse Managers
3 Warehouse Driver

I hope this information helps you debunk the negative stigma that was given your organization.



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  • fluidpusher

    While I have no doubt that there were layoffs, this proves nothing. Who sent the e-mail? Were they employed by Aurora? How do we know this information is accurate? This is nothing but an anonymous message claiming to know something. A good journalist would investigate this source to determine its credibility.

  • manuel Vidal

    Do we know if any of these layoffs occured in Texas?

  • Sherry

    Two years ago I approached them to purchase caskets for resale. They said no. They only sale to funeral directors. I said Houston is an SCI city. They sell Batesville. Aurora said they don’t care. I guess they don’t care about the people that were laid off. At least they have their company values.

  • El Magnifico

    Come on, guys! We knew this would happen. No matter what positions would be, we all knew this were coming…and this is just the beginning I’m afraid.

  • Paul Seyler

    I’m not sure I understand why this is news. Even if we assume everything in your anonymous e-mail is true, it’s 17 out of how many hundreds or thousands of people Aurora employs nationwide. I get that this is a big deal on a personal for every individual who was let go, but it’s hardly a massive layoff.

  • ncmortician

    I agree with other comments, has the accuracy of this email even been verified? Even if the information is accurate, come on guys 17 positions out of a work force of thousands…… these cuts could have happened even without the sale. There are corporations faced with laying off hundreds …even thousands of employees and while 17 positions are bad, especially if you are one of those affected its hardly national news.

  • rstnnpeace

    My question is……………what the heck difference does it make?

  • [email protected]

    Yeah, you can say 17 is not a lot but its that attitude that will get you in the end. 17 becomes 30 and 30 becomes 80 and so on!! Cremation has destroyed the funeral business period. People don’t realize how many jobs are produced from a TRADITONAL FUNERAL. People think its just funeral directors making all this money and its so not true. With cremation some funeral director made it cheaper of really half of the cost of a traditional funeral. So when you cut half the cost you have affected the jobs making caskets, vaults, and cemetery workers because opening and closing is half. Now the cemeteries are hurting to pay their workers to maintain cemeters. That opening and closing goes to the guys keeping up the cemeteries. Blame funeral directors for jumping on the cremation wagon and giving cheap cremations away. Its hurt alot of the workforce in this business. The state boards have alot to blame as well for letting all of this get out of control. No unions to protect anybody; family owned or corporate.