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Batesville Quietly Launches New Burial Product

Batesville Vault Solutions, the division of Batesville that handles the Endura Vault line, has quietly rolled out an addition to their ground burial offering. We asked Batesville about the new basic grave liner and found out that the product was actually rolled out in May of this year.

The below image is a collateral piece that has been sent out to current Batesville customers. It appears that the product is being marketed directly to funeral directors but given the ability to nest and stack the light weight grave liner it seems like a product that would appeal to cemeteries as well, whom Batesville has also marketed the full size Endura Vault to.

It’s been a little over a year since Batesville Vault Solutions introduced the profession to the Endura Vault at the 2011 ICCFA convention. It would appear from the rollout of a basic grave liner Batesville is still committed to trying to grab marketshare from Wilbert Funeral Services and Trigard, who are by far the market leaders.

What do you think we will see next from Batesville Vault Solutions? Perhaps an urn vault?

Given the projections Batesville has forecasted for the coming fiscal year (leading to 40 personnel cuts/changes), does it make sense for them to be spending millions of dollars to try and grab a percentage of the declining burial vault market?



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