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This Blog Is Interrupted For Something Much More Important

I know you are busy but YOU HAVE TO READ THIS!  If you want to know what our future is about then I want to share a key example.  Something that began just a few years ago and is now starting to pop up with a frequency that makes it into a trend.  Something that will help us reengage that part of the market we have been losing.

My thanks to The Funeral Service Insider for bringing this to my attention by posting a link to the Forbes article on their Facebook Page.


Why Is This Important?

Because this is not a "feel good" public service move by print media.  This is a way newspapers believe will  get them back into the paid obit game.  If they succeed it will preempt you.  So, you need to be in front of it not behind it.  This is a great opportunity for a great PR move that will help you Reinvent Your Image.  

Forbes magazine (indicates national press interest) recently published an article about an odd event that occurred at The Toronto Star in March of this year entitled        But Don't Go there Yet unless you intend to come back here!

The Incredible Story of Why A Newspaper Sent 15 Reporters To Cover The Funeral Of An Ordinary 55-Year-Old Woman

 I have something to tell you.  Here is an excerpt from the Forbes article:

Click here for the rest of the article…

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  • JackM

    This is really interesting for anyone who regularly posts obituaries on their website. An opportunity exist here to extend community support and frequency of hits on the site.